James W. Allen


           James Allen was one of the original founders of the New Mexico Wines and Vines society, an officer on the board of The Rutherford Dust Society, and is a honorary member of the Irish WineGeese Society.  Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Andre Tchelistcheff, he promoted one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon regions of the Napa Valley known as the “Rutherford Bench.”  
            As the president of Sequoia Grove he was also promoting art and environmental awareness over two decades as a sponsor of the Wine Country Film Festival.  Through a partnership with the Sequoia Parks Foundation (SPF) in the development of the Sequoia Grove Winery’s “Save a Tree Campaign,” Allen continued the winery’s long time commitment to preserving both its own natural environment and the future of giant sequoias.

            For over a decade he was a project director at the National Association of Farm Workers Organization (NAFO) in Washington, DC.  In cooperation with Ted Kennedy and Cesar Chavez he worked to create new laws improving the lives of migrant farm workers in the USA.

Cesar Chavez and james Allen                  James Allen and Ted Kennedy

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